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Offering women excellent individualized support thru the childbearing year.

Birth is a sacred and momentous event.

May you be encouraged, educated and empowered in decision making and to make the most of this sacred call of motherhood.

It is a beautiful thing to have women walk alongside each other, speaking truth, dispelling fears and finding themselves literally creating change as each new babe is gently welcomed.

About Me

I’m a blessed wife to my high school sweetheart, homeschooling mom of four from teen to toddler. I am also a doula, student midwife currently in the study phase, and a follower of Christ.

I have supported birthing families in homebirth, birth center and hospital settings. Since 2006 I’ve been reading and studying about all things birth and the midwifery model of care.

Over the last 8 years I have been blessed to attend births for friends and family, serving as a birth and postpartum doula.

I love read-alouds with tea or coffee, collecting art supplies and books, knitting, quilting, nature walks, and trying to garden.

About Eventide

Eventide is an old literary term for ‘Evening’…It’s my favorite time of day and also can often be a time when women begin to have their babies, after the work of the day, in the privacy of night.


Birth Doula

Standard fee of $750

With Eventide Birth Services you will receive personalized care as you prepare to welcome your new babe. Whether it’s your first or you’ve birthed several children, each birth is unique with its own set of challenges and joys.

Let me help you explore your options and discover what is important to you.

I serve families along the Front Range. This includes but is not limited to Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fountain, Monument, and Woodland Park/Divide.

In order to best serve my clients, I accept a limited number of clients each month. Contact for availability!

FREE initial consultation to meet and greet and see if it is a fit for you!

What does the fee cover?
  • 2-3 prenatal visits

  • Attendance at your birth, no matter the length, location, or type of birth.

  • I will remain with you immediately postpartum

  • 2 postpartum visits

  • I will be on call for up to a 5-week window (37-42+ weeks)

  • Phone and Text support thru the on-call period

  • During labor I provide continuous physical and emotional support

  • Photographs with your phone or camera if desired as opportunity allows and/or informal newborn photos

Sleep Angel

$250/10-12 hr overnight into early morning, (typically 9pm-7/9am)

Sleep deeply and enjoy your babymoon while being tucked into bed with your wee one with the peace of mind that a knowledgeable caring doula is at hand.

  • Help with breastfeeding

  • Answer questions

  • Bring you nourishment

  • Postpartum mama care

  • Help with baby care in between feeds so you and your partner can rest and relax

  • For homebirth families, a nutritious hot breakfast is also included (off a set menu, allergies/sensitivities catered to, such as GF/DF/SF/Grain Free/Paleo)

(Ideal for the first night(s) with your new little one, on up to day 4, but could be utilized any time. I have found it to relieve feelings of stress and overwhelm for parents and helps ease them into this special newborn time with confidence.)

Please reserve Sleep-Angel Doula services prior to 37 weeks, payment due in full at that time.

“We had Heather as a sleep doula for three of my babies. After we came home with our first little one, having her there was a complete game-changer for me and my husband. She was super capable and reassuring as we began the process of settling in with our new baby, and gave us the gift of sleep those first few hard days by bringing the baby to me to nurse and then helping with diaper changes, burping, swaddling, rocking to sleep. She was encouraging to us as new parents, and offered suggestions for swaddling, sleep positions, and even nursing support. She helped with meals and laundry and even with the older children so I could truly rest and spend those precious first days bonding with my little one.” – Heidi F.


“Heather is warm, caring, attentive, calming, and works hard to be prepared to be the best possible support during the labor and birth process. I also loved how respectful she was of our birth plan and my personal preferences. She was very responsive to needs in labor as they came up as well, and was prepared with great suggestions of things I could do to make the process as smooth as possible. Heather was truly such a gift to us.” – Heidi F.

“Having Heather as a doula benefited me through all of my pregnancy and postpartum. She offered suggestions for natural remedies and gave emotional support. She was amazing. I would want a doula under any circumstances. I felt like she spent a great amount of intentional time with me and made me feel comfortable and heard.” – Chelsey S.

“We wanted a doula for support and encouragement, especially for my wife. It felt normal and not invasive having Heather there and I was able to be as involved as I wanted. Having an extra person to help is amazing, especially with other kids in the house. Definitely hire a doula; it will help with the whole experience.” –Taylor S.

Why Have a Doula?

The personal touch in a technocratic age makes a difference in how one gives birth. A doula becomes a valued member of your birth team.

Wherever you choose for your place of birth, I will be with you as a steady source of comfort.

What a Doula does -

A doula is a handmaiden to those welcoming new life by providing physical, emotional and educational support for expectant mothers and their families. In labor, the continuous presence of a knowledgeable support person has been shown to result in shorter labors, less need for pain medications, less interventions and a lower incidence of Cesarean section. Click Here for this infomation

Since every birth is different, it can be hard to know what one may need on the journey. A doula is an experienced guide for that journey, as the mother listens to her heart and body.

What a Doula does not do -

A doula is not a medical professional.

A doula does not replace other support people in the woman’s inner circle.

A doula is not a mediator between the mother and medical professionals, you must speak for yourself.

A doula is not a decision maker, but rather is able to help you discover your options and give you space to make your own decisions.

Frequent Questions

Do you offer Discounts?

I do offer a few discounts as well as specials from time to time. I offer discounts for active ministry or active military and for planned homebirths.

My hope is for families to be strengthened and supported throughout the pregnancy and birth experience. If you desire doula support but cannot afford it, contact me to see if we can work something out.

I am also a doula with the Peak Midwives Collective

The Peak Midwives Collective offers a reduced rate for homebirths while providing quality midwifery care and simplified doula services for those with Medicaid, no insurance or underinsured.

What About Insurance?

Sometimes insurance companies, medical sharing plans and even Medicaid will cover a doula. I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance. It never hurts to ask!

Payment Methods?

PayPal, PayPal Care plan, PayPal Credit, cash and check are accepted.

$50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve services for your due date (at FREE consultation or prior to 1st Prenatal visit). Half down is due at 1st prenatal visit, remaining half due at 2nd prenatal visit. (On or before 37 weeks)

What about dads and other support people?

I do not replace their roles; quite the opposite! A doula helps relieve the pressure experienced by supportive family members by quietly offering suggestions on ways to help or giving the option of a break for food or sleep. The gift of knowing Mom is in good hands and won’t be left alone is priceless.

When do you come?

Staying in contact by phone, alerting your doula of any changes, once we establish that you are indeed in labor, I will arrive at your home and provide comfort measures and a reassuring presence even before it is time for your midwife to arrive or time to head to the hospital. Often more than half of labor occurs before that point. You must be in established active labor (5-6cm), water broken or have a planned induction to be admitted in hospital. Most midwives will come to you whenever you feel you need them, but usually try to ensure active labor before staying.

What about the unexpected?

Whether it is a transfer from home to hospital, a C-Section or other interventions deemed necessary and approved by you, I will stay with you along the way.